Griffin Pond Animal Shelter Fundraiser

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter was established as the Humane Society of Lackawanna County in 1938 to provide shelter for homeless, unwanted and abused animals. The shelter cares for over 200 animals on a daily basis, which is a considerable cost when you consider how much staff, food, medicine and supplies the shelter requires to operate. We also provide for animals that are sick, elderly and injured that are in our custody due to various reasons such as owner surrender and cruelty case investigations.

33% of sales will go directly to GRIFFIN POND


Includes 6oz medium roast and 6oz dark roast


Only available in medium roast

Dark Roast

Available in Whole Bean and Ground​

Medium Roast

Available in Whole Bean and Ground​


Available in Whole Bean and Ground​


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Our shelter is not affiliated with any other organizations and we are completely funded by private donations. Because we do not receive any federal, state or county funding, we rely on fundraising events and the generosity of caring people