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Our transitional housing program provides a safe haven for female Veterans to start over and become productive members of the community. Using the military tools of structure, discipline, integrity and commendation, we work to restore self-confidence in the pursuit of the civilian goals of solid employment and secure permanent housing. Our approach emphasizes the camaraderie that is ever-present among the Veteran population, while providing a structured path for our residents to receive the medical, mental health, addiction counseling, and employment training they need to achieve self-sufficiency. Our goal is to be the foundation upon which female Veterans can begin to rebuild their lives.

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HAVEN Women, formerly the Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House, has served our Veteran community with compassion and respect since 1994.

A Special Blend Custom Roasted for Haven Women

Dark Roast

Available in Whole Bean and Ground

Medium Roast

Available in Whole Bean, Ground and K-Cups ($13)


Available in Whole Bean and Ground


Includes 6oz medium roast, 6oz dark roast


K-Cups are available in medium roast

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