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Single Origin Gift Box - Variety of Three 6oz Bags


New this Holiday season is a very special offering of 3 exceptional single origin coffees. This 3 pack of 6oz each special coffee is offered for $18!

Ethiopia Guigi G2 Organic Dawa Basin – This special Ethiopia coffee offers all the best features of the origin. A beautifully delicious way to start your day!
Light Roast – Flavor notes of Floral, Green Tea, Honeydew, Lemon and Lime
Kenya Lenana AB Plus – This rich Kenya coffee offers flavor notes of Chocolate, Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Raisin & Vanilla. Medium Roast.
Costa Rica Naranjo De Dota – This micro-farm organic coffee is roasted on the dark side to highlight flavor notes of Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Orange & Praline.

Judy Tencza
Judy Tencza
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"Absolutely wonderful blend from Liberty Beans Coffee...I'm sitting here drinking a cup, ok 2 cups, of the Liberty Blend. It is rich in flavor and smooth. Looking forward to many more fresh roasts!"
Geoff Whan
Geoff Whan
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"I've been lucky enough to be a taste tester for Liberty Beans Coffee. Jim's blends and single origins are spot on. I was surprised how much better fresh roasted beans from Liberty beans taste compared to store bought. I recommend you buy several won't want to run out!"

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Whole Bean, Ground


Notes of chocolate, berries and merry cheer!