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Liberty Beans Coffee Fundraiser

Easy & Unique Fundraising Ideas

Coffee Fundraising

At Liberty Coffee Beans Co. we have a deep-rooted desire to help others, and our Fundraising Program has proven to be a great vehicle to accomplish just that. If you’re looking for unique fundraising ideas for your school, non-profit, church, sports team, college, small groups, mission trip, PTO/PTA, club, or any other organization – consider a coffee fundraiser!

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Are You Interested in Unique Fundraising Ideas For Your Organization?

Liberty Beans Coffee wants to help you succeed with your next fundraiser! A coffee fundraiser is a fun and profitable way for you to help your organization while sharing delicious coffee with the community. With our diverse coffee fundraising product line, you can create a customized coffee fundraising experience with customized logos and personally selected blends from around the world. If you’re ready to bring out the best in your upcoming fundraiser, Liberty Beans Coffee fundraisers are a perfect way to support a good cause!

CoFfee Makes an Excellent Fundraising Product

Most organizations that come to us are looking for unique fundraising ideas that will be easy for the coordinators, participants, and its supporters. The uniqueness of a coffee fundraiser is appealing, as it is easy to sell, and easy to buy. Over 60% of Americans drink coffee daily, with even more having coffee in their home. Partner with Liberty Beans Coffee for a profitable fundraising campaign that your community will want to do again and again.

Our Coffee Fundraiser Provides High-Quality Products & Great Pricing

How Does a Liberty Beans Coffee Fundraiser Work?

Looking for new fundraising ideas? Liberty Beans has simplified fundraising for Sports Teams, Schools, Churches, Youth Groups, Band, Dance, Scouts, and Non-Profit Groups by providing a great product that is easy to sell. Contact LBCC for top seller incentives!

Step 1

Click on “Let’s Get Started” to fill out the contact form and receive your fundraising kit.

Step 2

Choose coffee options and distribute order forms and marketing material to your community of fundraisers.

Step 3

LBCC will work with you to create a 4” by 2” custom label for the coffee bags.

Step 4

Once orders and money are collected, we will custom roast the order for your customers. No more waiting months for your product to come in!


What Kinds of Organizations Have Used Our Coffee Fundraising Program?

Where there’s a good cause, Liberty Beans Coffee is there to support you with our one-of-a-kind coffee fundraising programs. We make it easy to get started with our simple coffee bean fundraiser order forms, personalized marketing packages, and amazing coffee product customization to support your cause. Our coffee fundraising programs are perfect for events at: 
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Sports Teams
  • Nonprofits
  • & More
With our simple coffee fundraising order forms, you don’t have to worry about hauling big bags of coffee around. Your participants can choose from a variety of options and will be glad to know that they’re supporting a good cause when their personalized coffee beans show up at the door. Beyond promoting your worthy cause at specific events, you can easily promote your coffee fundraiser ideas to different companies or multiple events with our convenient coffee fundraising forms. 

Our Coffee Fundraiser Provides High-Quality Products & Great Pricing

Committed to serving our customers and the community with the absolute freshest in reliably sourced coffee beans from around the world, all of our beans are roasted fresh to order. After small-batch roasting our gourmet beans to perfection, we provide quick turnaround times and ship the gourmet coffee beans directly to your participants.

Thanks to our wonderful partner companies providing amazing specialty and organic beans from around the world, we offer a unique coffee fundraising product line unlike any other coffee company in the world. We carefully research our coffee partners and only source gourmet beans from reputable farmers that reflect our earth-friendly mission.

Along with our amazing gourmet bean selections, like our Guatemala coffee beans, all of our coffee fundraiser products are affordable and sustainably sourced. Your participants will appreciate the low coffee fundraising prices while supporting responsible farmers at the same time!

With our premium roasting process and fast turnaround times, your supportive participants can expect the fresh coffee beans to their door in weeks. Whether they like medium, espresso, or decaf coffee beans, our unique blends are sure to please.

With every flavorful order, we check the quality and roast level to ensure that your coffee fundraiser participants will be completely happy with their order. They’ll be so pleased, they’ll be wondering when the next coffee bean fundraiser starts!

A Coffee Fundraiser For Schools & Companies Offers Great Profit Margins

With over 60% of adults drinking coffee every day, a coffee fundraiser is one of the best ways to boost your fundraising success. With great coffee fundraiser ideas (like package deals, coffee gift bags, and anything else you can imagine), your coffee bean fundraiser will be a memorable experience. You can even provide free coffee samples at the coffee bean fundraiser to get your participants caffeinated and excited about helping a good cause! At previous coffee fundraisers for schools, nonprofit companies, and charity events, our coffee fundraising programs have turned amazing profits. Instead of traditional bake sales or other bland products, our coffee fundraisers for schools, nonprofits, and every event in between is an innovative way to promote a cause.

Schedule Coffee Fundraising Programs for Your Events Today!

Whether you’re hoping to run a successful coffee fundraiser for schools, or have other unique coffee fundraiser ideas, Liberty Beans Coffee is glad to help you succeed. We truly care about our communities, and will always do our very best to provide quality coffee that brings a smile with every sip. On top of having the best coffee blends around, our user-friendly site makes it easy to set up coffee fundraisers and quickly calculate how much you can expect to earn. If you’re not quite sure where to start, reach out to our family-run business for helpful coffee fundraiser ideas. For fundraisers big and small, we are here to help and look forward to transforming your coffee fundraiser ideas into a successful event that your participants will love.