One Spade Youth Packers

One Spade Youth Packers logo with stylized spade and stars
One Spade Youth Packers is a program started in 1995 by Reid & Eileen Hopkins to develop both character and leadership skills in boys and girls ages 9-17. The program seeks to teach the kids the importance of setting goals and working to attain those goals, with personal responsibility, discipline, and dedication.
Working with mules and other kids of different ages teaches them the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, ethics, improves self esteem, and the importance of being honest in everything we do.  Success comes from hard work “PERIOD”. 
 Many of our participants are “at risk” or economically disadvantaged.
We give the kids an outdoor experience with mules that may otherwise be inaccessible to them to instill discipline and respect for themselves, others, and nature.  We are raising funds so our participants can attend Bishop Mule Days.
Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!


Includes 6oz medium roast and 6oz dark roast


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Dark Roast

Medium Roast


Pumpkin Spice

French Vanilla

Hot Cocoa