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Single Origin Sumatra


This bean is from women coffee producers and was procured through a Fair Trade co-op. This bean is grown in the north province of Aceh on the Island of Sumatra. We roast this single origin popular bean to a med-dark roast to preserve the classic Sumatra flavor notes of cocoa, lemongrass and praline while mellowing the tart citrus acidity just a bit.

Judy Tencza
Judy Tencza
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"Absolutely wonderful blend from Liberty Beans Coffee...I'm sitting here drinking a cup, ok 2 cups, of the Liberty Blend. It is rich in flavor and smooth. Looking forward to many more fresh roasts!"
Geoff Whan
Geoff Whan
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"I've been lucky enough to be a taste tester for Liberty Beans Coffee. Jim's blends and single origins are spot on. I was surprised how much better fresh roasted beans from Liberty beans taste compared to store bought. I recommend you buy several won't want to run out!"

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Medium-Dark Roast



Grind Options

Whole Bean, Ground for Drip, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Cold Brew


Citrus, Lemongrass, Praline, Tart Acidity