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Amber Waves


Salute to women coffee producers!
The beans in this blend are sourced from women coffee growers. Although it is believed up to 70% of the labor on coffee farms and processing is done by women, legal land ownership for women in coffee farming is only 5-20%, depending on the country. With this blend, we salute these women pioneers in coffee production and strive to support them financially by showcasing the wonderful coffee they produce.

Judy Tencza
Judy Tencza
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"Absolutely wonderful blend from Liberty Beans Coffee...I'm sitting here drinking a cup, ok 2 cups, of the Liberty Blend. It is rich in flavor and smooth. Looking forward to many more fresh roasts!"
Geoff Whan
Geoff Whan
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"I've been lucky enough to be a taste tester for Liberty Beans Coffee. Jim's blends and single origins are spot on. I was surprised how much better fresh roasted beans from Liberty beans taste compared to store bought. I recommend you buy several won't want to run out!"

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Medium Roast

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Whole Bean, Ground for Drip, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Cold Brew


Mild Acidity, Cocoa, Citrus, Roasted Walnut